Home Owner/Buyers Tree Reports

For peace of mind and regularly for Mortgage and Insurances. Reports are produced to a standard format and will cover risks to the structural integrity of property by subsidence or tree failure. A preliminary soil survey and survey of all substantial woody vegetation within influencing distance of property can be undertaken. Where necessary soil samples are sent for laboratory analysis. Recommendations are made for any works found to be necessary.

Building Near Trees

BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction surveys and reports for developers in support of planning applications.
Preliminary assessment of trees and landscape features which may constrain or enhance a potential development.
Tree survey and plans, arboricultural implications assessments and method statements for construction in close proximity to trees.

Tree Condition

Tree condition, health and safety/specialist diagnostic advice keeping you and your property safe.
Tree hazard assessments.
Tree problem diagnosis and internal decay mapping. Recommendation of remedial works, specifications, and method statements.
Tree safety policy advice.

Woodland Surveys

ancient oak
Woodland surveys and management plans. Meeting woodland owners and managers objectives.
Conservation and amenity evaluations.
Planting schemes, grants and applications.
Managing public access, sporting and leisure facilities.
Timber estimations and woodland potential maximisation.

Project Management

Landscape & Design Services
Where it is important to get it right
Management of tree work contracts.
Mature tree transplanting.
Trees in Relation to Construction
Arboricultural on site monitoring of activities within root protection areas.

Tree Valuations

Tree valuations/insurance reports/TPO
Trees have value. Amenity, landscape, ecological, cultural, financial and arboricultural. Tree valuations are undertaken for insurance purposes, legal proceedings, Tree Preservation Order assessments, planning applications, asset evaluation and budget allocation.