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Early Purple Orchid

We came across this early purple orchid (Orchis mascula) the other day whilst working in a Burghley Estate woodland just off the A47 in Rutland. A testament to the good woodland management of the estate that rare flora is flourishing in its woodland that is managed sensitively for its biodiversity and woodland products.

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 was warm and early and by mid May, as travelling about the Rutland area I noticed that a significant number of Yew trees were looking distinctly sick, in particular isolated trees on the Stamford Road around the Council Offices at Catmose, at Langham Churchyard and at Burley on the hill.Upon closer inspection it… more

Birds nesting season

Hedge-laying season is now coming to an end. We recently bound up this completed hedge during a fine day earlier in the month. Buds are breaking and very soon hedges will be fully leafed up, an invitation to birds to take cover and begin building their nests. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as amended… more

Ash die back disease

Ash die back disease (Chalara fraxinea) is the latest in a host of diseases to affect our native trees. It appears from the rapid spread across the continent (first recognized in Poland in 1992) that this pathogenic fungi has now taken a hold in the UK with a total of 413 confirmed cases as of… more